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Travel Sports

Chosen 1 Generation empowered and develops the next generation of student’s athletes through sports on our basketball and Track Travel Teams.  Our Program Core Values.  Unity – a commitment that brings together young athletes.

Commitment – a mental fixation on building teams that will provide them a path to achieving
their goals and reaching their potential

Family – a commitment to building a family atmosphere that instills trust, care for one another, looking out for one another.

Respect – Treating one another in a positive manner that acknowledges them for who they are and/ what they are doing
Trust – always maintaining the highest level of trust with one another. We believe this is the
hardest thing to gain and the easiest to lose.

Our Basketball Travel Program

Our 2021 AAU Basketball Travel Team creates additional opportunities for boys and girls in grades 5 through High School who are committed to playing competitive basketball year-round.  Keeping players together all year around leads to success on and off the court!

C1G’s basketball program focuses on position-specific instruction, a competitive schedule, year-
round training and development, and frequent communication and evaluations for student-athletes and their families regarding their progress. C1G basketball configures a variety of teams at various levels and age ranges to ensure each student-athlete has an inspiring experience while competing against teams that will further develop their potential.

Program Emphasis/Expectations
The AAU Basketball travel teams are devoted to developing the skills of individual players with the collective goal of team success. Though success cannot always be measured by wins and losses, it is expected that the coaches and players will try to be competitive in all tournaments and games. Though competing is one aspect of the program, C1G expects that all players, coaches, and C1G spectators demonstrate the highest level of sportsmanship always. We believe that our competitive program can be a positive experience for young athletes, especially when coupled with a proper perspective that promotes character development.

Our Track and Field Travel Program

C1G track & field program has developed a first-time training organization that’s constructed
upon a coach-led, athlete-driven environment. We place emphasis on personalized growth and
development within a team atmosphere, student-athletes recognize not only what it will take to
achieve their personal goals, but they are constantly driven by other individuals who have similar




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