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Core Values

In the News!

 We are excited to announce the following events that are taking place in the home of the Chosen 1. 

Special on Training packages, this will run through December

Our first Mens Adult League kicking off September 22nd

The first Annual Junior Elite Showcase



Training Packages are available

Training and Development Programs

Welcome to our house!!!!

Welcome to Chosen 1 Generation facility. This video shows our beautiful facility and talks about our programs and what we offer to surrounding communities.

Chosen 1 Generation has committed to being a teacher of youth development. We use the court as our school house. We are ran by daily lesson plans that teach our core values which are character skills. We strongly believe that character skills are the tools need to help our student/athletes succeed in life.

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Chosen 1 Generation

6900 Hickory Road, Petersburg VA

Phone: (804) 621-2108